What is Salanests

What is

What is Salanests? How much value is it

As the custodian of the backing asset we are acting as a trusted third party responsible for that asset. This risk is mitigated by a simple implementation that collectively reduces the complexity of conducting both fiat and crypto audits while increasing the security, provability, and transparency of these audits

  • wallet
  • Saving deposits
  • Internal Audits
  • Security Assured
  • Buy, Sell, & Exchange
  • Security Competence

What it is work


As usual, CryptoSalanests How Does Work

In this section we’ll summarize and discuss the main applications of Salanests across the TRON/blockchain ecosystem and for other consumers globally. We break up the beneficiaries into three user groups: Exchanges, Individuals, and Merchants.



The Benefits of Token Holders

Safe & Secure when exchange

Large-scale service without boundaries

Using Smart Contracts system etc.

Using Smart Contracts support system

Token Fixed exchange rates

Token Ecosystem management

Decentralized Application with a Distributed Database.

By leveraging the platforms we have chosen, we have reduced the centralization risk to one singular responsibility: the creation and redemption of tokens. All other aspects of the system are decentralized.

White paper



Secure and Cloud Based Beyond compliance

By offering Salanests, an exchange can relieve themselves of the above complications and gain additional benefits, such as:

  • Accept crypto-fiats as deposit/withdrawal/storage method rather than using a legacy bank or payment provider
  • Outsource fiat custodial risk to Salanests Limited just manage cryptos
  • Easily add other Salanests fiat currencies as trading pairs to the platform
  • Secure customer assets purely through accepted crypto-processes
  • Anything one can do with Bitcoin as an exchange can be done with Salanests

Token sale and details.

Token Distribution

  • 28 million SLN Token Reserved Funding
  • 45 million SLN Token Distributed
  • 100 million SLN Token Total Supply

Token Distribution

  • 15% Bounty campaign
  • 3% of Advisors
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 28% Reserved Funding
  • 45% Distributed



Our Company Road Map

Salanests is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

  1. (Jul - Sep 2020)Quarter 3Making ideas, researching the market, searching for human resources, identifying the right direction, understanding the long-term mission and goals.

  2. (Oct - Dec 2020)Quarter 4Completed website, SLN Token, partnered in some fields, listed on the exchange to stabilize Token, mount the community. Allow registration of Salanests member ID to buy SLN Token.

  3. (Jan - Mar 2021)Quarter 1Launching the Game, rotating recreational tokens to connect the community, introducing and sharing the Binary Option program of the partner, bringing in the community to participate.

  4. (Apr - Jun 2021)Quarter 2Open links with potential projects, help the community catch up with the trend, not miss what they love, add income and promote many strengths.

  5. (Jul - Sep 2021)Quarter 3Launching the SLNPAY Wallet App, storing coin top, such as BTC, ETH, TRX and SLN etc ... Complete functions such as, Swap, deposit and loan P2P, payment.

  6. (Oct - Dec 2021)Quarter 4Link with partners, big funds, invest in potential companies, new startups.

  7. (Jan 2022 - Dec 2022)Quarter 1 -> 4Evolve salanest into a globally popular value-exchange cryptocurrency






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